Saturday, December 22, 2007

Edited for TV.

I want to see all of my favorite movies edited for TV. I want to start a website documenting all of the changes made to allow movies to be aired on television.

I was flipping through the stations today when I caught Kill Bill I on Spike. It was right after she had taken out Black Mamba and when she was talking to the daughter in the kitchen. I had to watch to see what changed.

In addition to heavy cuts, some of the funny things replaced:

*The sheriff at the wedding chapel after the shooting: "Son Number One -- this ... tall ... drink ... of water ain't dead yet."

*At the hospital right after the Bride wakes up from a coma: "My name is Buck, and I'm here to ... party." "Your name is Buck, right? And you're here to PARTY!"

*Immediately following, digital changes to shots to show Buck's key chain and car decal to read "Party Wagon." The Bride is disturbed by the name of this "Party Wagon."


What is he saying about "scrambled eggs"?

Friday, December 14, 2007

No covers, no surprises.

Let It Die: 23 Songs That Should Never Be Covered Again


I like lists and all but this is pretty pathetic. What about Top Three songs with the word "Tyrannosaurus" in the title?

Also, apparently Cuomo is back with a compilation of home recordings. Well, I don't know, this might be okay -- "Blastoff!" is worth listening to more than once, at least. We'll see.

Also, just heard that there was a controversial firing in the neighborhood -- a winning football coach was fired from North Florida Christian (high school - Baptist) for unclear reasons. Official reason: "God's Will."

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Not in my 50 years...

It's amusing when at work
I ask a professor here for something
and he responds with "Not in my 50 years
here have I had to do that," and then I realize
that I'm just asking about the wrong thing. (This is not sarcasm
-- it really was amusing.)

Not in my 22 years on this planet
has anyone responded to me
like that.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Don't chu eva.


I kind of want to start a new Blog, start fresh. Maybe I will when I start a website.

I've finished all of my work at work, and so now I just sit around and read the newspaper, news online, and books. Needless to say, I am reachable by email and will almost instantaneously respond, since I check all my accounts about once every 10 minutes.

I just thought of a great idea for the theme of my graduate application letter/personal statement, but I think that it will not matter how well I do on it -- the program I'm applying too looks like it's hurting for people to join (the advisor asked me if I will just go ahead and stick around for a Ph.D., too), and my grades and recommendations should be pretty much airtight. I do still have to signup and take the GRE, though. Bummer (mostly bummed about the cost of it).

The following is a list of things that makes me feel like I have a real job and am grown up:

*Signing up for and paying for various insurances.
*Thinking about my retirement options.
*Thinking about renting a house.
*Telling stories about my co-workers that do not involve the phrases "came in so hungover," "said that she got so high," and "was forced to spend a few hours in jail."
*Actively participating in the verbal bashing of "kids nowadays" who say phrases such as "hooking up."
*Reading the newspaper every weekday.