Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Don't chu eva.


I kind of want to start a new Blog, start fresh. Maybe I will when I start a website.

I've finished all of my work at work, and so now I just sit around and read the newspaper, news online, and books. Needless to say, I am reachable by email and will almost instantaneously respond, since I check all my accounts about once every 10 minutes.

I just thought of a great idea for the theme of my graduate application letter/personal statement, but I think that it will not matter how well I do on it -- the program I'm applying too looks like it's hurting for people to join (the advisor asked me if I will just go ahead and stick around for a Ph.D., too), and my grades and recommendations should be pretty much airtight. I do still have to signup and take the GRE, though. Bummer (mostly bummed about the cost of it).

The following is a list of things that makes me feel like I have a real job and am grown up:

*Signing up for and paying for various insurances.
*Thinking about my retirement options.
*Thinking about renting a house.
*Telling stories about my co-workers that do not involve the phrases "came in so hungover," "said that she got so high," and "was forced to spend a few hours in jail."
*Actively participating in the verbal bashing of "kids nowadays" who say phrases such as "hooking up."
*Reading the newspaper every weekday.

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  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    You may think you're all growed uppies, but you'll always be my baby, Baby ;)awwww...In other news, Feist is on the Today show --shoulda told Matty-pantaloons