Saturday, December 22, 2007

Edited for TV.

I want to see all of my favorite movies edited for TV. I want to start a website documenting all of the changes made to allow movies to be aired on television.

I was flipping through the stations today when I caught Kill Bill I on Spike. It was right after she had taken out Black Mamba and when she was talking to the daughter in the kitchen. I had to watch to see what changed.

In addition to heavy cuts, some of the funny things replaced:

*The sheriff at the wedding chapel after the shooting: "Son Number One -- this ... tall ... drink ... of water ain't dead yet."

*At the hospital right after the Bride wakes up from a coma: "My name is Buck, and I'm here to ... party." "Your name is Buck, right? And you're here to PARTY!"

*Immediately following, digital changes to shots to show Buck's key chain and car decal to read "Party Wagon." The Bride is disturbed by the name of this "Party Wagon."


What is he saying about "scrambled eggs"?

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