Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Very poignant article.

I read the "Chronicle for Higher Education" every so often at work (hey, no one else does, so somebody's gotta do it) and it gives me a good idea of what people think of being a professor. Some are cynical, and some are idealistic, but this article just struck quite a chord with me, even only as a recent undergrad graduate:

The Sweet Lure of Your Graduate-School Town

And even though I haven't done it yet, I suspect very strongly that the "Sweet Lure" for me will be to Tallahassee and FSU, whether I go to grad school, become a professor, or whatever. Everything that Sperber wrote about here, I associate with FSU, and even if I end up going to a "better" school with "better" resources for grad studies, I'm still convinced that I'll think of FSU later on.

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