Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I used to be

[Note: Poem in progress. I know that if I never post it, I will just forget to. I start some poems that I never finish, but I am inspired to make this three stanzas long (I already have ideas), with each stanza as long as this first one.]

I used to be the pathetic
    kid whose parent appealed to her gullible
co-workers for purchases of

used to fuel a trip to Hickstown, U.S.A. or else the nation's capital
    with the sweetest intents for the local high school band or dance troupe,
whose potential for first-rate tooting or routines speckled
                   with pliĆ©s could only be fulfilled by my generous
decision to submit myself to be the indignant victim
    of highway robbery in the form of three-dollar industrial sweets
that cost less than half the price at the locally owned
                   candy store on the corner.

Their intentions may be sweet, I think to myself with a self-satisfying chuckle,
    but their trips will be sultry

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