Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shine dat Light.

I've already been beaten by a few of my contemporaries writing about this, so just a few short notes. First, the links:

Shine a Light - Sharkdog style

Shine a Light: A Running Diary (uncut) - BadScooter

The Stones still got it. For all my love of music, I'm sort of embarrassed that I don't know more about the group or their legacy, but I enjoyed Scorsese's Shine a Light nonetheless. It didn't try to shove a lot of stuff in there -- just the concert footage raw and simple.

Some 12-string action on "As Tears Go By" (I think) | MovieWeb - Movie Photos, Videos & More

But what about the sound, man? Every time they cut to a different person, that person's part in the mix would go up twice as loud. We will already hear their part better just because we're seeing them play it onscreen -- you don't have to boost up parts, because that's just disorienting. I don't know why this happened.

The cuts were also pretty frantic. I can barely remember any single, wide shots of everyone doing their thing at once. I guess this was supposed to imitate the intimate nature of attending a concert first row (complete with everyone and their mom holding up their cell phones to grab a crappy, blurry picture of Mick as he struts by). And it worked for the most part -- I even started clapping after one of the songs. But seriously, sometimes I want to know what everyone's doing in response to Mick or Keith.

Finally, Charlie Watts was spot on. It was kind of rough keeping it together for the others at times, but Charlie was there on the beat the whole time. There was nothing stopping him. He put to shame the commonly held notion that a "rock drumbeat" is a simple, translucent thing.

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