Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New work computer.

We all just got new computers at work, and for some reason buying 19-inch flat-panel widescreen monitors was cheaper than just getting flat 17-inchers. So now I'm staring down a 1440 X 900 resolution (it started out at a warped 1024 X 768), afraid to open the Firefox window to the whole screen.

The monitor is dominating my desk. The keyboard and mouse are smaller, blacker, and sleeker than my previous ones. I got Google Desktop. All is well.

Pretty good for a camera phone, huh?

The monitor is raised so high on its stand, that I can now place my Dwight Schrute bobblehead (thanks, B!) dead center, underneath the towering menace like a priest under a high altar. I have USB ports now. Several. Two are even coming out of my monitor.

This is a shame, since I can't make this computer recognize new hardware (camera, mp3 player) without administrative access. But I can thumb drive it, though, I guess.

And, for no other reason than I just found this online, here are some church bells -- courtesy of Public Domain Sounds:

(I also just found this schweet thing, the portable Nvu, which, barring any complications, shall take place of my lost FrontPage program.)

. . . Allllright. This post could use one more piece of multimedia flair. How about the first YouTube search result for "Dwight Schrute"?

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