Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Columbian coffee... from Columbia!

I had no idea what to do at work this morning. I got in at 8:00 a.m., opened up shop, wrote a couple of emails, and then started browsing Homestar just for the hell of it -- because I haven't been there in ages. I subsequently went on a Facebook posting rampage, listing the games I was playing and the Toons I was watching.

My boss came in at about 9:30 (I was alone in the office till then), and I decided to stop playing games. I had to sit around for a minute to think about what I was going to do, and then I thought "Oh yeah, make coffee."

Literally, just as I was about to get up out of my chair to make some coffee, Vicky, my Columbian boss (from Columbia), said "Hey Justin -- do you make coffee at home?" Yes. Yes, I do.

She came by and gave me a bag of authentic Columbian brew.

It's called Cafe Quindio and has a slogan of "De nuestra tierra lo mejor," which roughly translates to "the best on earth" (the best of our earth?). Roughly, because I don't know any Spanish, but I know what those words mean from Latin.

She said it was so strong that I would probably have to mix it in with other grounds. I doubt it.

She also said that it's officially expired, but that coffee stays good forever.

Let's hope she's right about that one.

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