Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Like manna from heaven, we are now able to scan documents into the copier and send them as a PDF via email to anyone. ANYONE.

This completes my scan evolution here at work:

1) Flatbed scanner, one document at a time. (Average job time: ~20 minutes)
2) Document feeder. (Average job time: ~10 minutes)
3) Copier + document feeder + instant email. (Average job time: ~10 seconds)

Most of the time was sucked up by an imaging program that took FOREVER to recognize the scanned information.

I have yet to find a simple, sleek, elegant imaging program (viewing, resizing, cropping). All the programs are large and slow to load and suck. I know there are some online ones, but for now I'm taking the extra steps to learn teh GIMP for this. If anyone knows of any simple image programs (yeah, INFRANview, yeah), let me know.

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