Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Google Calendar!

I've gotten an overwhelming response to my Google calendar for work. Two others I work with have already asked me about helping them to organize and publish a calendar for their own purposes. I will gladly do so.

I'm so ingrained with Google, it's almost scary. Many of my friends find it scary. They think Google will turn evil, will steal my information, will steal my identity, and I'll be left in the trash heap of the internet. I'm not so concerned. I'm young and trusting and able to bounce back.

My next work project will be toying around with starting a blog for the office. It wouldn't be for official updates, no, but for something more mundane: I get TONS of emails from email listservs and I just don't want to hang on to them. I figure I might just forward all the potentially useless information I get to a blog (one can publish posts via email) and just save things that way and delete all this junk from my inbox. Because as soon as I start purging messages, be sure that will be the day someone asks me: "Do you know when that speaker is coming? Do you know what his topic will be?"

I'm unsure if this will be a useless venture.

(And although Google Calendar is a great tool, I have yet to utilize it for my personal purposes. I might find that I need a personal calendar sometime, but I'd rather keep things bouncing around in my noggin for now.)

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