Friday, October 24, 2008

Politics is like water.

Politics is like water:

You never want to drink it, because there's always soda or coffee or whiskey around, and you think it's good for you, but you also know it's a part of everything you drink, and it is in most food you eat, so you're probably safe not having to drink it directly every day.

Some people can use it to cleanse themselves. Others, such as policemen with very high-powered hoses, can use it to deter people from doing or thinking things (think: riots). Still others, like construction workers, use very high-powered versions of it to, say, remove paint from a wall.

You can swim around in it. You can drown in it.

It may feel refreshing sometimes. At other times, it could be loaded with junk -- chemicals, bacteria. It can be paired with a hint of a flavor, though, like passionfruit patriotism, to try to get you to drink more of it.

Sometimes it rains down, sometimes it evaporates.

But too much of it can kill you.


  1. Have you been drinking the water? In Mexico?

    That reminds me of a little saying:
    "something something everywhere makes Jack a dull boy" or something to that extent

  2. I believe it's

    "No beer and no TV makes Homer something something..."

    "Go crazy?"

    "Don't mind if I do!"

    No. It's actually "No work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." It's from the shining. When I got my old typewriter, I typed that down the first page.

  3. Dude I know. I was being funny. I do that sometimes. :p

  4. This is like a really bad PSA and at the end in big letters it says