Monday, December 08, 2008

Ebert vs. Stein

Roger Ebert recently wrote an enormous response to Ben Stein's documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Apparently, Ebert had been taking flak for not reviewing the movie.

Win Ben Stein's mind

I only discovered after reading this (having read Ebert on and off for years) that his decision to exclude a movie from his reviews has just as much impact as giving a movie a zero-star review. Because any sort of publicity is good publicity (I, for one, am now encouraged to see just how awful Stein's movie is), Ebert ignoring this release spoke volumes. But, in the end, he had to defend himself even against that action (as if Stein's movie were some sort of blockbuster release that everyone saw and that everyone was talking about).

For the record, the professor that Ebert refers to as Prof. Monty Python is actually a professor at FSU here: Michael Ruse. He's a professor of philosophy and director of the History and Philosophy of Science program here. Interesting fellow.

Also for the record, I'll have to agree with Ebert on this one. I guess you could chalk that up to my ongoing higher education. Or to common sense. Either way.

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