Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Franz Ferdinand Shenanigans.

Franz Ferdinand's new single, Ulysses, sucks.

I listened to a couple other tracks from the new album and was underwhelmed.

I sort of know what it is -- they turned up the wrong knob on this one. Too much buzzing electronic dance, not enough roaring rock riffs. Big choruses, yes, but so what. Give me something I can work with.

Maybe I'm so vitriolic because the Franz was some of the much-balleyhooed stuff I listened to when I first started going to college, and it sort of paved the way for some of my musical interests.

Sure, comparing it to the older albums, they might just be progressing down a path they were sure to follow, but I think they followed it too far.


  1. That's really disappointing to hear. I listened to some songs on their myspace, and yeah, definitely underwhelming.

    Reading your post, I was skeptical at first, because FF had some sample half-formed jams on its website a few months ago, and they were sweet. I was looking forward to the new album.

    Check out their player: Trigger 7, Trigger 8, and Tradition suggested a very funky album. Too bad they didn't make the cut (or maybe they just changed the names and watered them down).

  2. Okay. I was being a bit of a hater. The MySpace stuff sounds more and more like the same Franz Ferdinand. Maybe I'm just outgrowing their stuff. I haven't listened to the older albums in a long time.

    I'm sure they're still killer live, though, and given the chance, I'd still see them. But I'm not sure that I'm going to get this album.

    The new Andrew Bird, however...

  3. And you were right about the samples on their website. Those sound GREAT.

    Maybe I'll take them for beats that I can rap over.