Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tweny~Five Things About Me.

Rules: I wrote a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me. Once you've been tagged*, just read my note and then do whatever the hell you want to, because nobody likes chain messages that promise imminent empty threats of voodoo curses for those who don't participate. If I tagged you, it's because* I want you to know more about me.

1. I don't get sleep, I get even.

2. I have four blogs (only two of which I regularly update), one Facebook account, two Gmail accounts, one Yahoo! account, one FSU webmail account, two Twitter accounts, one website, and probably about a dozen online profiles at different sites.

3. I was once in a short lived band called Nuclear Tits. We only had one practice and one recording (which we accomplished simultaneously).

4. On average, I probably hear from 30-50 new albums that are released every year. I also discover and listen to a number of older albums every year.

5. I am always wanting to read newspapers (or news websites) but use the excuse that I don't have enough time. This excuse doesn't hold muster, though, because I end up reading a ton of crap on Google Reader all the time.

6. I can juggle. Three balls at once. I can do only one juggling trick, and I forget what the name of the trick is, but it makes all the balls go in a circle.

7. When writing, I constantly surprise myself with words or phrases like "hold muster" and "obfuscate" that I didn't know that I knew. I find myself looking up these words to make sure they exist. 11% of the time, they don't.

8. I like neither Malta nor prune juice.

9. I have at least two anonymous online personae.

10. If I had all the money in the world, I would give 99% of it away and use the remaining 1% on equipment and resources needed to make movies, albums, artwork, websites, and various other creative ventures.

11. Having landed a girl and a job that care not about the way I carry myself, I haven't ironed any of my clothes in years and I let my hair fall of its own accord.

12. I've never been on a train, helicopter, or motorcycle.

13. I know how to make two pieces of origami, if you want to call them that: the paper balloon, and the fortune teller.

14. Pets I've had: hamsters, gerbils, rat, guinea pig, birds, and dogs.

15. I have a habit of hating sounds associated with the consumption of food and beverages (except when they're coming from me, in which case I love them).

16. I regularly read the blog of a 13-year-old whom I do not know personally. Mainly because he can be insightful even while referring to "mysterious boob orbs": "Attack of the alien breast implants!"

17. I know my colons from my semi-colons and my Colin Powells and that other colon that people have. And I know how to use all of them properly.

18. I wouldn't consider myself a grammar fiend, but I do tend to catch blatant typos or Miss Spellings in nearly everything I read.

19. I read over 90% of the emails I send at least twice before sending them.

20. I have a j'awesome brother and sister. All three of us have "accommodating" office jobs that allow us the opportunity of trying to entertain each other online every day.

21. I still like the old Facebook design better.

22. I'm a social eater, a term I grabbed from an episode of Oprah a long time ago.

23. I hope to write a book someday, be it novel, academic, investigative, or otherwise.

24. I am becoming very skeptical of the human concepts/constructs of infinity (outside of its practical uses in physics and mathematics) and time.

25. I hope to record a full-length album someday, be it rock, rap, instrumental, or otherwise.

*Nevermind. I don't like tagging people.


  1. 2. I have left a number of e-mail addresses and accounts to rot in the e-wasteland. Including a netzero account (which I still have access to), a hotmail account for my main EQ character (which I got locked out of somehow), an Altavista ISP account, two AIM logins, an ICQ login, a FARK login that I try to convince myself is gonna get used again someday, sixdegrees.com (social networking before there was a term for it), and at least one shitty "build and host your own website circa 1998". I think it was Angelfire.

    5. It's "pass muster". You can tell the guy at Subway to hold the mustard, though.

    11. You are a shaggy bastard. "The Shaggy Bastards" would be a great band name.

    15. omg ditto

    24. On a related note, I happen to believe that eternity is best expressed as an infinitely short amount of time, not an infinitely long one.

  2. 1. (re: 2) Yeah, I have Fark and stuff too. I forgot about that one... That's where I learned a substantial amount of internet slang and memes... /obvious.

    2. (re: 5) Yeah, I searched for "hold muster" and it came up with some scattered results, so at least some other people were making this mistake... if it is a mistake. As a linguist, I try to explain the way people talk, not how they should talk. (Funny: now this very blog post shows up high in the results for a "hold muster" google... that's quick!)

    3. (re: 11, 15, 24) Yeah, whatever. I just needed to get to 25.

  3. I'm so stealing this topic for my blog. Just so you know.