Monday, February 23, 2009

Ain't It The Truth.

From a Facebook group titled "Who needs college when you have Wikipedia?"

Things I've Learned So Far This Morning.

-People I don't even know read some of my online stuff, then harass me for it.

-How to submit a note to

-Slumdog Millionaire still sucks.

-We're out of padded envelopes.

-What a 501c3 IRS exempt status is.

-How to accidentally turn on all of MS Outlook's formatting/editing marks.

-How to purposefully turn off all of MS Outlook's formatting/editing marks.

-College football coaches get paid a lot.

Another Typical Monday Morning.

Note: I do not know this individual. And I don't know what he could have possibly seen that would have made him think I don't like Suckdog Millionaire.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Futurist Manifesto.

1. We intend to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and fearlessness.

2. Courage, audacity, and revolt will be essential elements of our poetry.

3. Up to now literature has exalted a pensive immobility, ecstasy, and sleep. We intend to exalt aggressive action, a feverish insomnia, the racer's stride, the mortal leap, the punch and the slap.

4. We affirm that the world's magnificence has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed. A racing car whose hood is adorned with great pipes, like serpents of explosive breath - a roaring car that seems to ride on grapeshot is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace.

5. We want to hymn the man at the wheel, who hurls the lance of his spirit across the Earth, along the circle of its orbit.

6. The poet must spend himself with ardor, splendor, and generosity, to swell the enthusiastic fervor of the primordial elements.

7. Except in struggle, there is no more beauty. No work without an aggressive character can be a masterpiece. Poetry must be conceived as a violent attack on unknown forces, to reduce and prostrate them before man.

8. We stand on the last promontory of the centuries! Why should we look back, when what we want is to break down the mysterious doors of the Impossible? Time and Space died yesterday. We already live in the absolute, because we have created eternal, omnipresent speed.

9. We will glorify war-the world's only hygiene - militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of freedom-bringers, beautiful ideas worth dying for, and scorn for woman.

10. We will destroy the museums, libraries, academies of every kind, will fight moralism, feminism, every opportunistic or utilitarian cowardice.

11. We will sing of great crowds excited by work, by pleasure, and by riot; we will sing of the multicolored, polyphonic tides of revolution in the modern capitals; we will sing of the vibrant nightly fervor of arsenals and shipyards blazing with violent electric moons; greedy railway stations that devour smoke-plumed serpents; factories hung on clouds by the crooked lines of their smoke; bridges that stride the rivers like giant gymnasts, flashing in the sun with a glitter of knives; adventurous steamers that sniff the horizon; deep-chested locomotives whose wheels paw the tracks like the hooves of enormous steel horses bridled by tubing; and the sleek flight of planes whose propellers chatter in the wind like banners and seem to cheer like an enthusiastic crowd.


Relevant Links:
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sounds recordin.

Man, home recording is a lot of fun. My bro gave me a microphone and a sound card / interface for Christmas and I just bought a preamp and enough RAM to process things.

I was testing all the components with a simple jam that I ginned up.


Bwhahaha. This is just something I slid out in a few minutes. I'm most likely not going to do anything with it, so feel free to bite it. I have to think of what I want to record now. (Originals, covers?)

Also, I'm resisting the overwhelming impulse to run a guitar track in reverse on every recording.

the IQ Quiz!

In the middle of an online "IQ Quiz"...

Nice try, jerks!

As if knowing how many weeks in the year is a good reflection of your IQ anyway!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Name: Simon Anthony Purrkins
Age: 2 years
Sex: Male
Neutered: Yes
Occupation: Needy

This is our new cat. We got him at the shelter. He came with the name Simon. We tacked on a couple other names.

He purrs a lot. He likes to jump on our laps. Whilst on our laps, he likes to crawl up our torsos and get real close to our faces. He has jumped on my back while I was sitting in a chair.

He likes to follow us around, purring. When we leave, he runs to the front door. He likes sitting by windows, the sliding glass door, and even the front door. He is very vocal. The 20-minute ride home in the box/carrier, he meowed the whole time. When we got him inside and opened the box, he just stood there.

He is very calm most of the time. He loves cat toys. It seems like he eats every 15 minutes. He keeps himself very clean, but has a habit of flinging litter. He likes to sit/sleep/chill on spinny, wheely office chairs.

He likes to meow. A lot. He makes me feel bad -- like I should be letting him outside. He likes to sit in my lap while I type, read, and eat. I like to press my forehead against his, because I might have heard somewhere that this is how cats of all sizes show affection. Or dominance.

He has a big fluffy tail. He has a lot of hair. Unfortunately, he may have a few fleas. We put medicine on his neck. He hates collars. He can remove a collar that is placed on him. He is a magic cat.

He has very long whiskers.

He hears everything.

He sleeps a lot.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The week of strange emails.

I've been getting a butt-ton of strange emails this week. This last one, perhaps, takes the cake. (It looks like it was sent out to all of the professors in the history department, too. The only info I could find on FSU Torchlight was here -- a for-profit program? That promotes big movies like this? Yuck in a bag.)

* * * * *


Hi, my name is Makenzie. I’m an FSU student who is interning with an independent film marketing company called the Torchlight Program. I thought you might be interested in a movie we’re assisting in opening this Friday at the Miracle 5 theater. It’s called JCVD and it’s a unique film in which Jean-Claude Van Damme portrays himself in a fictional scenario.

This film has been receiving excellent reviews from critics in other opening areas and we are excited to be able to bring it here to Tallahassee. In fact, Time Magazine honors Van Damme’s performance in JCVD, which is unlike any before, in the January issue which spotlighted 8 great movie performances. Here is a link to the full text of that article:,28804,1870281_1870283_1870297,00.html

We’ve put a lot of work into this release because we believe it is a fine film that deserves the widest possible audience. We would really appreciate it if you could support us by coming out this Friday to see it. It would also help us out a lot if you could please let your students know about this event or just forward this email on to them.

Thanks so much for your help and we hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


For those of you not in the know with the Facebook, or for those smarter individuals who do know the Facebook, but avoid the Fluff Friends, I will summarize this application for you:

I have a piece of Tofu as a Fluff Friend.

His name is TOoFUn.

He has sass.

R.I.P. K.R.B. T.H.E. R.A.T.

Lil David "Boo-Boo" Kirby

2007 ~ February 3, 2009