Monday, February 23, 2009

Ain't It The Truth.

From a Facebook group titled "Who needs college when you have Wikipedia?"


  1. It's sad, but so true. I used Wikipedia extensively in college, especially when I was stuck with crappy TAs that really shouldn't have been teaching upper level classes.

  2. Yeah, in undergrad studies in the arts, especially in the humanities, most of the info you need is right there for you. Many tests were about memorizing things, and many papers had such broad topics that they could be "thoroughly" researched on Wiki. Plus they never required more than like 3 sources, so I mainly just ended up cherry-picking things from a few books, and piecing it all together with info from Wiki and elsewhere.

    It gets a little more intense in grad classes, however, sometimes... if you're in a program that... well, let's say that I still use Wiki in some classes.

    With the info available, hopefully undergrad classes will evolve into higher levels of learning... but I suspect things will stay the same for a while.

    Wow, too much of my rambling. I just had coffee.