Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My website, my url.

With a great website, comes great responsibility.

I recently purchased With hosting and a domain name, it was $10 down, and it'll be $7 a month, with month-to-month payments (no longterm contract) through Go Daddy.

This means I will soon give up on my current site, uniqueoriginal, though I might keep it running in place. It was the second incarnation of my personal site, once again built off an HTML template. But the leap from my first design and my second attempt, I think, was stellar. I want to try to make the leap from 2.0 to 3.0 to be just as grand. (Which, considering I have limited time and website programming background, will mean that I will test out some Content Management Systems to see which best suits my needs for a personal site. Suggestions are welcome.)

I will still have two urls w/ webspace through FSU (the other one I have is blank), and unless I can think of something funny or neat to put up in those places, I might just use the space to store/share files. (Suggestions, again, are welcome.)

But just now, I began thinking about all of the things I could include on my website, and I got overwhelmed. I suppose the best approach will be to start with something very simple and try to build on that. So the CMS, the color schemes, and the homepage layout will be the first monsters to tackle.

Given that I'm working and taking a class and doing an internship right now, I don't think I'll have this off the ground until the end of summer. *Sigh* I wish I could just do it all right now.

And, because there haven't been any pictures here, and because I don't know how to wrap up this post, here's a picture of a T-rex.


  1. Dude, if you're looking at CMS, try Drupal. It's really robust and there's a great community of developers, so anything you want to do, you can do (Check out Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, and Michael Jackson for a few examples of Drupal sites).

    Something to think about though: Couldn't you just set up a redirect to make your current blog appear at

  2. YES, I could. Smartypants. Or I could just post a giant picture... or that giant SWF of the dog licking the glass.

    Drupal was actually at the top of my list to try out. Other ones (Wordpress, Movable Type) seem more blog-oriented. I just want awesome-oriented.

  3. I do love Wordpress... and Drupal is not without its headaches. It helps to be willing to learn a little PHP, and migrating from development to live site can be kind of a pain.

    I have a book about Drupal I can loan you, if you want to scope it out.