Thursday, May 21, 2009

Read a book.

I left one of my classes on Tuesday night, and as I was walking out, one of the undergraduates (it's a mixed UG/grad class) asked me if I had finished reading the book for class. We were supposed to have the book read by the next class (Thursday night, aka, tonight) and he said that he had lost his copy. He asked me if he could borrow mine.

1) I had not read the whole book yet.
2) If you lost your book, why would I trust you with mine?

I just said told him that I needed to hold on to it.

This morning, I received an email from this same student, sent to everyone in our class. (It was sent last night.)

Please anyone i went at ll the bookstores and i even went gainesville in search of the book. i couldnt order online because it will not be in time. Can i photo copy the book please i have no other choice went to paperback, barnes and noble, books a million, bills, fsu bookstore, and boarders . Please i need ur help please respond

(I added the italics.)

No greeting, not even the title of the book (even though we're only using one at the moment). Didn't say for what class (even though it sort of says in the email subject, was was: "I Need Your Help: ENL4333").

My favorite part of the email is that he "went gainesville" [sic] in search of the book. I obviously have no way of verifying that, but it seems very, very unlikely. Maybe he was headed to a party down there, and he was like, "Might as well check around to see if that book is here."

This is the same student, it might be noted, that was playing with his water bottle (throwing it up high in the air, throwing it around) before and after class, and who, in class, brings up ridiculous interpretative theories of our readings.

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  1. I feel sorry for the professors, it must be disheartening to have to deal with those assholes that don't give a damn about the classes. But it does make the rest of us look good. LOL.

    If I got an e-mail like that, I wouldn't help him out of spite. He deserves to fail with communication skills like that.