Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog Issues.

I've registered a domain for the first time ( - this Drupal setup page will stay there for a while until I figure out how to work my charm on it), and now I'm wondering whether to transfer my Blogger blog to my domain. I've realized that there's a really easy way to do this where Google still hosts the information for the blog: FTP vs. Custom Domains.

I've also found out that you can download a backup of your entire blog (posts, settings and layout information and all) just by going to Settings > Basic > Import/Export/Delete blog. It downloads as an XML file, and mine was 2.76 MB. A respectable size, I might say, for five and a half years of toil.


Of course, this is also a time to think about whether to simply scrap the Blogger blog and start anew. I've used Wordpress more than a few times before, but it seems to be mostly style over substance. The behind the scenes at Wordpress is pretty confusing sometimes, and Blogger just seems simpler and just as robust. (Perhaps I have a bias since I've been using it 5.5 years. Frequent readers will know I also have an overt Google bias.)

And they have a nice redirect system in place, so when I finally decide to move everything over (I'll probably do it), you'll still be able to see my blog by going to you'll just be redirected to or something.

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