Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I'm on a few email lists, and I frequently get strange messages. The following one (which I just got tonight) might take the cake. It's a trustworthy source, however, so if you're truly interested, let me know and I can hook you up...

"A friend of mine is temporarily moving to the San Diego area and is driving across the country sometime between June 9th and the 15th, and he is looking for someone to help him drive out there (pretty much a straight shot, with no motel stops, just alternating sleeping and driving). If someone is interested in doing so, he will cover all the gas and will pay for the food one eats on the way there. However, one is on one's own regarding getting back to Florida and he asks that whoever come to not drink alcohol or take any other intoxicants during the trip. So, if you (or anyone you know) want to get to the San Diego area for free in the next week and a half or so, please contact..."

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