Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recent call about my domain registration. (An Email Sent To info@web.com)

To Whom It May Concern:

I am not particularly happy with a recent call I received from one of your telemarketers offering website services to me simply because I recently purchased a domain. I am well aware of the workings of search engines and websites and the Google Machine and how to (or not to, depending) appear in such-and-such a site's search results, and thus I do not require any of your tutelage (however profound it might be) in these areas.

This call was placed at my normally hectic yet efficient workplace today, Tuesday June 16 around 11:20 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (USA) by one "Leo Fernandez." I would rather not bother with such telemarketers while I'm at my professional workplace for the state government. (I realize that telemarketers are also in a professional workplace, and I realize they also have a job to do, but I believe I have a right to do my job "quod erat demonstrandum" without the interruption of phone calls from telemarketers.) It's a particularly busy period now, too, with many reports to do and phone calls to make and emails to write and receive and messages, messages, messages to take and deliver (exacerbated by the abscence of one of my co-workers for the next two weeks while she is out of the office and out of town).

I realize that domain registration is public information. Mr. Fernandez told me that he could not locate my website via searches. But he was obviously able to locate my domain registration and work phone number via searches. (It's quite easy to find my work phone number via a search, actually, since it is located on a public website for my department. It's also easy to find other websites with my information on them: yet another indication that I do not require your web services. But I don't believe my work phone number should be tied to my domain registration information [if I did happen to list it that way, which is entirely possible, that's my bad]).

I'd like to ask that you please remove my name and phone number from your records and call lists. If calls persist, I will be forced to report these to the appropriate authorities.

Thank you,

Justin de la Cruz, B.S., B.A.
Webmaster / Purveyor, http://justindelacruz.com
Work Phone Number: [REDACTED]

P.S. I am only supplying my phone number and website URL so you can remove them from your records (as you obviously already have them in your records). Please do not call me about removing my number from your lists. (You may visit my website if you'd like, although, as I indicated to Mr. Fernandez on the phone, I have not begun to develop it.) If you need to communicate with me, you may reply to this email.

P.P.S. I took time out of my precious lunch break to compose this email, in case you were wondering about the validity/veracity of the aforementioned reports about my busy workplace.

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