Monday, June 01, 2009

Top Ten Better Names for a Search Engine.

Microsoft released its search engine, Bing. Google sez (warning: lame borrowed pun coming up), Bing it on!

Following are the top ten names that are better than "Bing" for a search engine.

10) Ping - Somewhat nerdy computer reference. But taken by what looks like a golf website.

9) Bada Bing, Bada Boom Boom - Mobster stereotype mixed with toilet humor. Gets 'em every time. ("Hold on, let me do a boom boom for 'bacon bra.'")

8) Bling

7) Hey-look-Microsoft-is-still-relevant-in-the-computer-industry-and-the-internet-and-we-know-about-web-2.0-and-we're-cool-too-and-hey-sorry-about-windows-7

6) One - One ring to rule them all, one search to look just like Google and fail miserably.

5) WolframAlpha - What the Fark does that even mean?

4) Discover - Pair with the channel (Discovery) and the credit card company for mega advertising bucks.

3) Farticle Acsmellinator - (Any name is better than "Bing.")

2) CopyCatz

1) Poodle - It sounds like "Google," but more fluffy and ferocious.

What is Microsoft going to do next -- make a web browser?


"Internet..." what?

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