Monday, October 19, 2009

Checking up.

Nearly every day, I see weird news stories online. During college, I was reading Fark. Now Facebook, Google Reader, and Twitter provide pretty much all I can take.

But I was thinking about a couple past internet news sensations and where they might be today. Honestly, I thought both would be dead.

The first is the man who has eaten a Big Mac every day since 1972. He's still alive.

And he keeps a few Big Macs in his freezer just in case another snow storm comes through and closes McDonald's. And he hasn't cut his hair in 20 years.

The second person I checked on was the guy who for 20 years drank only Pepsi. Meaning, the only liquid he consumed was Pepsi. He's still alive.

But he quit. Well, he still drinks Pepsi. But he drinks other things now, too. (See the note at the bottom of the site.)


1 comment:

  1. There's something disconcerting about reading the phrase "I've decided to reintroduce water into my diet."