Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Idle Chatter From Last Night's Class.

Student 1: I successfully contested a $250 parking ticket for a handicapped spot by making a photo montage of the scene [various painstaking descriptions followed]... The review board asked me if I was a law student. I was flattered by that.

Student 2: You were flattered by that?

Student 3 (who obviously had previous knowledge of Student 1 and the reported incident): [To Student 1] Yeah. I really wish they hadn't let you get away with that.

[In S1's defense, his citation did seem unfair. There was no handicapped sign, and the markings on the street were covered over by debris from a nearby construction site. I just LOLed at S2's comment, so I thought I would share. Posting here takes out the inflections and timing involved in the delivery this exchange, but nonetheless...]

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