Friday, January 08, 2010

Productive and Good.

  • Caught up on most work stuff today.
  • Had a rather successful counseling session this morning.
  • Pitaria for lunch.
  • Office brownies for snacks.
  • Liking the freakish Tallahassee cold.
  • Dropped a class I thought I wanted and signed up for a great one I didn't know about.
  • Had a rather spectacular Modern Humanities first class session.
  • Caught up on most MusicOMH bumpf.
  • Get to listen to and review an excellent album this weekend.
  • Had TCBY with a love.
  • Had coffee and stimulating discussion with a love.
  • Having some Kashi pizza now.
  • Have a very funny and loving cat and rat (who get along together).
  • Downloaded and will soon play Borderlands DLC 2.
  • Rumors of snow / flurries this weekend.
  • Finishing up one degree.
  • Starting another.
  • Career trajectory mostly chosen (as much as it should be right now).
  • Beard grown.
  • Car working, no problems.
  • Job working, no problems.
  • Health intact.
  • No complaints.

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