Thursday, April 08, 2010

Anniversary Edition

Today, Jessica "JeJe Anne" Reath and I celebrate four years — a presidential term, an undergraduate degree — together.

I don't consider myself a mushy person (and I don't think most people who know me would) but I do believe in honesty — a necessary ingredient in any serious human interaction and one that Jessi and I have planted and nurtured and grown together.

The truth is that, as I think anyone in a longterm relationship can testify to, it hasn't all been a trip to the Fireworks, Candy, and Puppy Dog Store. But I've learned just as much (if not more) from Jessi during this time of my life than I did in any class or in any book that I read, and I continue to learn from her and from our relationship on a daily basis and I love her dearly for it.

The "proof" as they say, is in the pudding (I wanted to make a pun on "picture proof" here, but I couldn't work out a good enough way of doing it):

Jessi is a wonderful, honest, supportive, strong, bold, caring, beautiful partner, and these scanty words do not do her justice.

Here's to four more years.

And more.

I love you.


  1. If your goal was to make me cry, you succeeded :) My anniversary brownies pale in comparison. Thank you so much. I love you, too--even more than chocolate.

    PS: Thanks for the flattering photos :P

  2. Oh man. I forgot about the brownies.

  3. Don't worry, I didn't ;)

  4. That's so sweet. I think I love Jessi a little bit now just from some kind of little Jessi-contact-contact high. Happy Anniversary to you both!