Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Facebook "Like" Violates Your Personal Space.

For in-depth coverage of the new "Like" campaign Facebook has launched, check this:

Protect Your Privacy Opt Out of Facebook’s New Instant Personalization – Yes You Have to Opt Out

A wonderful blog post that I would have to recreate here if I had not seen it. Instead, I will summarize:

Facebook is trying to connect its users to all kinds of websites.

Every Facebook user is automatically signed up to "partner" with these sites.

To opt out, you must change a privacy setting AND you must block certain applications through Facebook.

From the above blog post:

So to recap to completely opt out you need to

1) Go to your to your privacy settings ->Applications and Websites and uncheck box at the bottom.
(Here's the link:§ion=applications)

2) Then click on the links to Yelp, Pandora and on Facebook and click on “Block Application” (Here's the link to these pages:

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