Friday, June 04, 2010

Best of the blog

I've been blogging since February 18, 2004.

I just clicked through to every post.

Most of it is junk. A lot of photos are dead (because I starting hosting stuff on my student webspace, which got migrated elsewhere a year ago), a lot of links are broken, a lot of complaints and references are unable to be gotten by anyone but me, and a lot of it is just plain rubbish.

But I've always wanted to do a "Best of" for this blog, so here it is. I'll list my top 15 picks from the past six years, and then I'll post another 35 that I think are at least readable.

Here's The Best:

I never thought it'd come to this... (Dec 2004: Stats)

Stream of Consciousness Post (May 2005)

Do you ever yearn? (Sept 2005: Extended Seinfeld intro)

Eating Contest. (Nov 2005: OMG, never again)

Having Fun at FSU (Feb 2008: Psych experiment)

Why Write? (May 2008)

For the record. (June 2008)

Cross Country (July 2008: Short fiction)

Ladies Room Code Brown. (Jan 2009: Truth)

SAP. (Feb 2009: Cat)

Make 'em Laugh. (March 2009)

This Is Capitalism. (April 2009: Dav Fos Wal)

Vinyl Fever... (Dec 2009: <3 :*()

Anniversary Edition (April 2010: <3)

Great site! (May 2010)

Here's The Rest:

Chuck Yeager (Feb 2004)

Time. (Sept 2004)

A Meaningful Life, or a lack thereof? (Sept 2004)

NYC (Oct 2004)

Punctuation: A Lost Art (Dec 2004)

The Simpsons: A Linguistic Analysis (Dec 2004)


Sellout. (Dec 2004)

Back in town today... (Jan 2005:

A Psychology Major. (Jan 2005: Undergraduate summary)

Sickness. (Jan 2005)

Portraits of Laughter and Joy. (April 2005)

Snapshot. (May 2005)

Labels. (June 2005: Working at Target)

The End of the Affair (July 2005: Weezer)

uh.. (August 2005: Warning Label)

CLASSES. (Sept 2005)

Much Music. (Sept 2005)

Checklist. (Sept 2005: Comments longer than post)

. [sigh] (Oct 2005)

She weren't even... (Jan 2006: Gpit tour)

.. / -.- (Feb 2006)

Suddenly, (Aug 2006)

Self-Written Horoscope (Nov 2006)

Not in my 50 years... (Dec 2007)

Things To Hate. (March 2008)

The literary Lebowski. (Sept 2008)

Blogging about blogging... (Nov 2008)

Responses to Wilco's... (April 2009)

Historical Prejudice. (May 2009)

Ideas for Academic Success (June 2009)

T-Pain for President. (July 2009)

2009 in Tweets (Dec 2009)

82nd Annual Academy Awards (March 2010)

Monty Hall (April 2010)

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