Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Need Book Recommendations

I'm in a popular fiction class, and I need to pick one book out of each of the following categories to read. Help me out!

Book Genre
(timeframe it was published)

Historical Fiction
(Before 1981)


Mystery / Detective Fiction
(After 1999)

(Before 1981)


Science Fiction
(After 1999)

(Before 1981)


Christian Reading
(After 2000)

Any 3 (preferably one from each time period)

Any 2 current ones


I'm already thinking about "Ragtime," "Blood Meridian" or "Lonesome Dove," and "Sin City" (reading now already!) or "Watchmen" (read already)...


  1. So far,

    HF - Ragtime, The Egyptian

    West - All the Pretty Horses

    Mys - Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone

    Rom - Zane, Eric Jerome Dickey, or Ashley & Jaquavius, or Noire

  2. Sci-Fi after 1999:

    Altered Carbon - noirish, far-future, extreme violence, extreme sex.

    Spaceman Blues - great, great book. One of my favorites. But very arty, very post modern. Likes to meander, but in a fun way and with lovely language.

    Girl in Landscape (1999, so don't know if it counts) - J. Lethem, so you know it's good! Coming of age story about a preteen girl on an alien planet. Kind of a Western in space.

  3. Sci - Children of Men

  4. Romance - The Notebook

  5. Comix

    Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan

  6. You probably already have Comic's filled but Persepolis is a good one that you might not have heard of: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9516.The_Story_of_a_Childhood

    Mystery: I used to love "The Cat who.." books.

    Historical Fiction: The Good Earth

  7. Thanks, Liz! I saw "The Good Earth" on a few "best of" lists too... why are historical fiction books so long?

  8. And I always wondered if Persepolis was good. I heard about it from the movie... which I did not see.

  9. Persepolis was short but good.

    The Good Earth is one I read to read with my brother-in-law because it was on his summer reading list but he didn't want to discuss the book with me :( BUT I loved the book anyway. It's actually a short read.

    Another historical read is "The girl with the pearl earring". They did a movie of it but I haven't seen it yet. I'm not usually a fan of books turned into movies anyhow.

  10. Anonymous7:15 PM

    For Christian Reading, I'd say "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller is a good one or "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell.

    -Katie Beckmann