Friday, August 27, 2010

Re: Employee question about Distance Learning fee

Dear Mr. de la Cruz,

Thank you for your note and congratulations on completing your MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities.

There are numerous additional costs associated with online courses and we are required to recoup those costs over and above tuition. Thus, we pay the full tuition costs of your graduate degree as we did with your prior Masters degree but it will be your responsibility to cover costs beyond tuition. Although you will have to share some of the costs, they are quite small compared to the benefits you have already received and continue to receive.

I wish you the best with your new endeavor. Larry Abele


  1. Uh, fee deferment response fail, Dr. Abele.

  2. I also noticed today that there is already a "Technology Fee" that's waived. I just want to know where this money's going. Isn't that a right? Can I lump it into the Freedom of Information act?

  3. Next step: writing an email to Student Government to see if anyone there can inquire about the fee.