Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Office in Italy

In case you don't already know, most of my blogging nowadays is happening over at my Italy blog. I'll be in Florence for a year. But I'll still post here (on rare occasions) for things that are not particularly relevant to my stay in Italy.

Although I have a TV here, I don't watch it. I have been, however, rewatching the entire series of The Office. Well, I have seasons 1-6 and I'm on season 3 now. Sometimes I feel stupid for watching The Office in my apartment in Italy, but then I remember that you can't completely soak something in without breaks. You get overwhelmed. That's why we as humans need sleep. That's why those little slivers of ginger are there next to your sushi. You need to cleanse your palate so you can fully enjoy the next taste.

So when I'm not walking around looking at art and architecture, eating some magnificent food, working, studying, reading, juggling, or playing guitar, I am sometimes watching The Office.

I first saw the show in a quick burst several years ago when a friend lent me and my then-roommates the first two seasons. Rewatching it is nice. You pick on some nuances. It's still funny. It's still emotional.

This exchange comes from an episode that I found to be particularly funny. Darryl asks for a raise, which leads Michael to ask for a raise of his own. This dialogue comes during Michael's negotiations with Darryl, when Darryl realizes that Michael is wearing a women's suit:

Kevin: Who makes it?

Michael: Umm... [opens jacket revealing pinkish/purple coat lining and tag] MISSterious... And it is mysterious because the buttons are on the wrong side. That's the mystery.

Phyllis: It's got shoulder pads. And did you see that lining? Did you see it?

Michael: Would you stop it. Please?

Jim: So none of that tipped you off?

Michael: It's European, OK? it's a European cut.

Pam: Michael, the pants don't have any pockets.

Michael: No, they don't. See? [Michael turns around and rubs his hands on his butt.] Italians don't wear pockets.

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