Friday, July 10, 2015

Website Redesign (Version 4.0)

I've been working on a redesign of my personal website based on a Bootstrap template that's HTML5... ish? I quickly got in over my head w/r/t CSS and JS, but I think I strung enough stuff together so that the website will work on most devices / browsers.

The goal was to have a site that was fully morphable from desktop to tablet to smartphone and I think I got what I wanted.

One project begets another, and as I redesigned I ended up starting a SoundCloud account, reconfiguring some blog stuff (including the title of this blog, taken from a David Bazan song, "Hard To Be"), and some other things that I already forget.

The work's not done, though, because I'd like to start an archive of sorts that shows the old designs of my website and also a Site Credits page (all of the elements of the webpage were openly sourced and/or creatively commoned).

Anyway, here's the thing (let me know if anything on it breaks when you're looking at it):

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